old people.

Really. Old folks are an asses. Take for example of what i saw on the bus today. [like 30mins ago]. The bus is packed and the rear is empty. Reason? 2 old ladies blocking the path after the back door. Okay they dun want to move, fine, so i ask it i go through. What i got was a stare and they root to their spot.

wtf? yes. In the end, every youngster that to push and get pass those 2 old ladies. *which they got frustrated* Next issue. when there is or people give up their seat to the elderly. Please dun continue to stand and block the way. Take the god damn seats! At least when you seat, no one is going to complain that u are not letting the elderly to seat. And the funny thing. when no old folks took the seat, a young adult took it. then you hear the aunties and grannies nagging and complaining about youngest these days dun have morals. wtf again. that seat was empty for 5 bus stops. and you nagging old hacks dun want the seat. To let more people in the bus, taking an empty seat allows one more person or more to get on.

old folks, you are just bullshit, like my granny.


~ by togusa on April 19, 2008.

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