I ain’t moving to my granny place!

dun complain that i am being selfish and i am forced to blog here as my relatives have my blogspot on their RSS…

I dun want to move to that old fucking place, which i totally hate. especially when it is leaking, and breaking a part and plus u got an old hack who can SHOUTS insults in at least 8 different languages. FYI she is 84 this year, broke her hips 2 years back, now on a wheelchair but still loves to walk and to scold EVERY SHIT.

Man, she have 10 kids so why the fuck my dad, whose is like 6th in line and most hated by my grandma that she “disown” him but took him back when he was 12. there are 9 others! and those 9 lazy asses. *okay only 7 will be in singapore most of the time [ 1 in chinese with his 2nd wife, 1 in aus, her son cannot come back to sg, coz he WILL be jailed for skipping NS, 1 in ireland and best thing, she is working at an old folks home]*

Anyway, the oldest daughter, she have the cash and assets worth. Why dun she take in my gran? oh coz her kids say it is not worth and she look at it as she is going to be draining her cash. -.-

my oldest uncle? oh he is in china, so ya no diff. and it looks like he will be not getting any of the will.

my 2nd aunt? she is tired by it as it is her job back in Ireland, She was pushing for an idea that both my parents agreed on.

second uncle? He alway have parkison, and they are also trying to get by.

the 3rd aunt, she having cancer and hearing problems and in perth.

my dad is the 3rd boy, who was thrown out and left in care of my god-grandma. NOTE: most Hated by my granny. And we having problems getting by

my 4th aunt is single and well stressed with life.

my 4th uncle is a NEET and a hikikomori. so thus not that helpful and he is living in at my gran place, thus will be an extra mouth to feed.

the 5th aunt, she having trouble getting by with her family of 6.

the 5th uncle? he is running to china for a job. and not willing to spend a single cash or time looking after my gran. *but he says he will*

Looking at it, y the fuck my oldest aunt take my granny in? you are the only one that have the cash.

moving to that old estate, which is like in the middle of district 11, no nearby food or etc. I have to like take a bus down to toa payoh or orchard for food. well NP will be like 15mins from it. but i dun have the cash to get my license, so it is like the place is out of the way.


ignore this rant.


~ by togusa on April 27, 2008.

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