It was cool at first, but now it is a noise box.

back in 2001, when it first aired. It was cool to watch TV on the bus!. And it was rare. Till now, i dun see TVmobile on the feeder bus that connect potong pasir to toa payoh, and when there is a bus come by with TVmobile screens, some how they are spoilt or not working. *cough* *cough opposition area cough* *cough*

well last time, they screen shows and news during primetime, which is great! coz most of us busy singaporeans cannot reach by home in time for the news. Now, they still do screen news, in the morning, during lunch *chinese news* and the 9.30 news.

what happened to 6pm-8pm news? oh they put chinese dramas or that stupid just for laugh gags. T.T
and they rescreen and rescreen the same show every day for the whole week at the same timing. eg.
if i go home @5pm from NP, i will be watching maggie and me or lifeline…. and it is the same ep for the WHOLE week.
First time i see it okay, watch it.
day 2? okay the same show, ignores the TV.
day 3? Fuck? it is getting on my nerve.
day 4? can someone off the TV?
day 5? ain’t the speaker too loud? *repeat the lines of the actors before they say it on the TV*

see? no wonder so many people are complaining about it.

Just for laugh gags are stupider. NO one will laugh at jokes if 2 see it thousands of times! * really i can this same ep nearly every few days that i am on the bus*

and if i was without my headphones, i will not be able to sleep coz the speakers are blasting stupid sounds specially when the ads are about those ringtones. *especially the high freq ones*
Well TVmobile, u have serve your function, unless u can screen BETTER and less recurring shows on your 14 inch LCD screen. Please do us the favour of shutting down for the commuters to have a quieter trip to go home?

Or else i will have to blast my Japanese music in to my head and play with my bro’s DS or watch one whole ep of anime!


~ by togusa on April 29, 2008.

One Response to “TVmobile”

  1. So much anger in you, dude. However, I do agree with you that they should show more news and less Just For Laughs (aargh).

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