tvmobile 2025

okay really tvmobile can get on anyone nerves. I will not rant how noisy and crappy “Just for laugh” is.

It is about police and thief. the episode was about 2025 AD. I have to laugh if the future was like that. I ain’t going to wear weird plastic sheets, pvc in totally ugly cuttings, when i am 35.

In 2025. [17 years from now] I dun think anyone will be wearing plastic sheets. Global warming will kill you. Imagine the sweat and smell coming from you as the clothes are waterproof thus not breathable. looking back at history, we are still wearing styles and materials that was around since the 50s.

Recently, the retro 70’s – 80’s clothes style came back as the british designers bought it back. Retro is cool. but not those bright colours. it is too cheesy for me. the 80’s- 90’s punk style was back due to the japanese market. And the americans? they went old school simple. There is simple reason why most designers went back to old designs? It is due to the things that sells, are things that are comfortable, practical and not to make you weird in the crowd.

in 15 years time. I dun think the clothes style will change that much till the point everyone is wearing plastic sheets. The cars would be mostly hybrid or electric as it is cheaper than the current ones. Maybe there will be more traveling by rail than planes, Unless there are going to have planes that runs on nuclear power or batteries, less people are going to fly to save money, same as driving. Oil is gettin to expensive. and now, With the cost of living going up, New[weird] styles may not sell.

and it is funny that i watch futuristic animes like ghost in the shell, yet i say that ep of police and thief was horrible.

P.S: TVmobile is getting worse. Local tv shows are getting worse. copying ideas of successful shows from the USA, won’t work as it is a copy. like just for laugh. Seen once is funny. twice is okay. 3 times and more. you got to be kidding me…


~ by togusa on May 13, 2008.

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