The moodless days?

As the train exits every station, in front of me, he is still drawing away. As the people around him changes, he continues to draw. Ignoring the stares looks and the camera man in front of him. Even with an old uncle sleeping on his shoulder, he silently continuing his mini artwork. The kind of life I wish i can enjoy. Ignoring the world.

The world is the one that brings the pain, the sorrow.

Just looking at the earthquake that is in china. To those that survived, they are suffering the pain and sorrow of losing a love one. On the news, pictures of total destruction, done in 3 secs. Whole village wipe out, citys in the area in ruins. Even the panda bear reserves are not save. if you did watch this old movie “The Amazing Panda Adventure” [IMDB] i was told it was breifly filmed there. The authorities in china could not get any contact to the reserve for a few days, but i am more worried for the panda than the people.

As incidents like the earthquake and the recent Myanmar issue pass by, Singapore seem to be an easy life. Earthquake dun really affect us. No cyclone will head this way as we are protected by Malaysia and Indonesia. Economy issues rarely happens here due to the government forecasts. We are quite safe. Yet there are people like me, hating the world and want to be alone.

well i have to do my draft asap as i am running out of time and i cannot let my idea run.

PS. i was transfering my photos to my com when that photo caught my eye. Ideas rushed in for the draft.

i had a writer block before i saw that photo, this what i did earlier

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~ by togusa on May 18, 2008.

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