do you know? sakura falls @ the rate of 5 cm per second?

do you know? at that slow speed, life kinda breaks away fast?

5cm that is like 5 keys on a mac’s keyboard.  imagine your finger going pass 5 of them in a second. quite slow right? but at these rate, that what keep us apart.

5cm/s ->3m/min ->  180m/hr -> 4.32km/day -> 30.24km/ week -> 129.60km /mth -> 1576.8 km /year.

by just not talking to each other and when there is nothing to keep you two together. In theory, you will not see the person again. Just a tiny little 5 cm per sec, and by the end of the year you and that person are nearly 1600km away.  I wish this would just happen to me. Being in Singapore. where then max length of the island is 40km plus. there is like a huge chance you will see a totally unknown stranger that you seen before within the month. especially if the area you share with than person is smaller.

5cm per second. it is a nice japanese movie. but really, most break ups or when u lost contact  spilt up at this rate. By right by a month, i should feel that she is 130km away, but in real life, she was only 4 km down the road.

argh a random rant by me.

5cm per second ->


~ by togusa on June 1, 2008.

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