Singapore Toy Game Comic Con

i still will rather call it as Toycon as how we used to call it before there was the extra GAME appeared in the name. I went on friday to do my shopping with dan,titus, atty, paula and jocelyn .  got a few stuff. Lets see

first i got the event guide… DSC_7622mdI was hoping for a huge A4 one like last year coz this year it is $4 for it instead of FREE. gotten a free Foil poster of the joker with it but gave it to atty as she is a fan. The event guide comes with 2 sticker  sheet… which i only like one of the sticker…

DSC_7625md there is a huge bandai booth which is selling that Tuttuki Bako alarm clock/game that i been eyeing at. but for $59.95. it is well way above my budget coz i blew it today. Walked around today as it was quite empty. Gotten a gloomy bear plastic folder for $3 from Play imaginative. then to the artist alley… not much new stuff from toki doki. but i thinking of replacing the stolen stickers for new ones… XP. i must had walked pass kid-chan booth well i was eyeing at toki doki. Then we end up at IFS coz paula was like where is IFS? Where is IFS???

DSC_7629mdand lol there were 4 cintiq hanging there showing what one of the IFS artist doing. Most of the artbooks are going at $20 [Redux], $30[imagine], $60[imagine: prime] and $70[pepper project]. posters are going for 1 for $10, 3 for $25. and wacom for the usual prices with free artbooks. which is the reason why i am broke.

I just spent $599 on a wacom intuos 4 Med size. it is awesome PLEASE. It was supposed to come with a free copy of redux which i had for a long time. Artgerm was very nice and kind to allow me have a copy of imagine one free instead. We hang awhile outside of IFS looking at i think khai finishing his works. which was like done under an hour.

The artist alley are at the back left side of the hall. 36 booth, double from last year and many from the region. Well i was there for 2 main thing. Troy chin’s loti and zemotion’s postcard collection.


We left not long after that. As we wanted to watch UP. but as it was a friday night. all the cinemas are packed, so ended up at xing wang HK cafe eatting bread and instant mee.

will be back for day 2 and 3. so cya.


DSC_7663mdthe huge black thing is my new toy….


~ by togusa on August 15, 2009.

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