Natsu Matsuri 2009


It is a event that only the Japanese expats and locals really interested in japanese culture know about it..

Natsu Matsuri or 夏祭りin japanese means summer festival. for those that did not know. Usually you only get to see it in japan, but well here in singapore, this is the closest you can get to a real japanese Natsu Matsuri. It is organised by the Japanese Association of Singapore [JAS] and well you need a ticket to go in.  The Advance tickets were sold out like a month back as JAS only release 5000 to their own members. For me, i got my from my Japanese culture club which got it from our japanese lecturer who got every tired to help us get the advance tickets. If you did not get an advance ticket. you would have to queue at the event location for the Day tickets which also cost $2 each. the Only different is that the Day ticket queue starts at 3pm and ticket sales start at 5pm.


The daiko performance at openning the event.

Once you are in, like any natsu matsuri, there is food, games, goods and beer!!!!. One main food/sweet that is so hard to get is the candy apple.


I was like in the event at 5.05pm and we headed to the candy apple queue STRAIGHT. and there was already a super long queue…  it was like 5mins later. and 5 more people infront of me, when it got sold out. Lucky, someone i know/got tickets from me bought like 3 candy apples. so i bought over one from her. It was SWEET, hard and impossible to bite till you lick the candy till it is soft. [pics of me eating it is on facebook lol]

Many Japanese families came prepared with food and all. while we locals queue up for food…

DSC_8091edkenzi in a yukata, eatting some yakisoba i think

I had okonomiyaki from the “famous” mis-priced banner. well as the sun sets, the stage get warm up with some performance. now i said there where some games. yap there was, not as fun and same as in japan. coz there is no way in singapore that the police will allow a 4year kid use a BB-rifle to shoot a prize. and AVA was kinda unhappy of how the goldfish were handled… hahahah. [i managed to catch 2 gold fish back in 2007, but i returned it to the game master]

what is left is the water yoyo game, basketball game and some draw-lots game.DSC_8143ed

ahh go and google about the water yo-yo game. i was tired of explaining to my juniors how to play it. While we chat alway on the mat [or in my case running around passing ppl their tickets, saying hi to frens] we did not get beer. but instead can Hi-chu for $4. By the time we wanted to get a round of asahi, all the canned ones were out and the draft was full of foam.

DSC_8124edat about 8.30, the mass Bon-odori dance started.

I had fun man and shot a few frens along the wayDSC_8148ed

more pics and epic happening can be found on facebook. So if u want add me togusa chan on facebook.


~ by togusa on August 23, 2009.

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