dinner at dempsey hill

it is my bro’s birthday today. [in the sense when this is post up ] so we went out to eat. DSC_8230mdWe somehow ended up at dempsey hill after driving to little india to buy some vada as the birthday boy had a craving.

My dad recommended a Italian restaurant there. La Forketta.

DSC_8196mdThey have 2 outlets, one at dempsey hill Blk 9 [in front the enterance to  HOUSE] the other in river valley. Please ignore the blurly photos as i was shooting at 1600 ISO and 1/10 sec shutter. The location was awesome, love the high ceiling and deco of the place.DSC_8205mdThe pizza prep table and a wood-fed oven is behind the cooks.

DSC_8206mdthe kitchen window and the bar on the left.

The chairs are really nice to sit, although my dad complained it was too small for him…

DSC_8229mdThe place was full of abstract artworks and yes it was dimmly lit.

DSC_8204mdFrom the start, they have a basket of bread which have well alot of different types, from the normal loaf, with butter to a small half of a pizza with olive.

There was no tap water. only bottled still or sparking. me and my dad had a glass of white Chardonnay wine.

DSC_8212mdrandom photo of the “candle” on the table, which me and my bro thinks that they use mineral oil instead of wax coz it had not died after 2 hours…

Anyway. the food prices range from $15 to $30 for starters and soup. $25 – $45 for mains and pizza averages at $29…

DSC_8207mdMy bro had one of the best clam soup i had tasted. [$15]

it was full of fresh clams swimming in a white wine based soup. there were about 20 clam according to him…

For me i had a meat lasagna [$28]

DSC_8219mdit looks small but i almost barely finished it. there was alot of cheese and there was no burn taste unlike most of lasagna i ever had locally…

my dad had roast meat[$35], which was a stab pork tight with the skin and well roasted. and it beats the chinese way of doing it like my mom said…

DSC_8218mdmy mom had a pizza, cannot remember which one she orderd but it was full of salami and eggplants [$28]

all i can say it is not your normal pizza hut/ 241 pizza.

and lastly my brother’s main course.

DSC_8215mdsome pasta with shrimps and mixed with some veg sauce i think…

We had no cake coz we getting him one later. hahahah.

Well dempsey hill has alot of nice restaurants and bars but the place is kinda only accessible by car and is freaking dark…


~ by togusa on August 24, 2009.

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