Ootoya @ orchard central


From the land of the rising sun. A new japanese food chain has arrive on the shores of this tiny red dot. Ootoya have like 100 of outlets in japan. and well NOT so recently open one @ orchard central. So here are some pics of what i and my my family had for our 2 visits to ootoya. [and now my dad want to go there when he wants some japanese food].

DSC_9971mdOotoya has a huge and very bright menu outside the restaurant and i am kinda spoilt for choices.

For sushi lovers, this is not a place for you coz the only raw fish they have is a maguro don.

DSC_0021mdIt is $18++ for this Maguro don with special soya sauce.

DSC_0020mdOr $20++ for the set which comes with miso soup, pickles and some appetizers which is quite nice.

DSC_0023mdThey also have this Ootoya special[$15++ i think] it is potato croquette and fried chicken with an egg.



For my 1st trip there, I learnt that the maguro tend to be sold out early during weekends due to the crowds so i had a katsu don [$16++]

It is better than tonkichi which is one floor down. The meat is thick and not dry on the inside.

DSC_0003mdMy mom had this sweet and sour fried chicken set. I cannot remember what they called it but heck, i remeber it was like sweet and sour. They used vinegar in the sauce which totally made it different from the usual local sweet and sour stuff we have here in singapore.

DSC_0005mdMy bro had katsu in a claypot. oh the cool thing about ootoya is that you can order extra ingredients to your rice. 50 cents for japanese sea salt and seasoning, $1 for some thing like ikan bilis and $1.50 for graded yam.* which my bro like to eat*DSC_9998mdI still have not had desert there yet coz every time i was there, the desert that i want to try is sold out or not ready for at least 30mins. Overall great food, value for money. Service is so so, they only refill tea [it is the rice green tea type and free for both hot and cold] when u ask for it. Most of the staff speaks more Japanese than english like those ramen shops at central and the okinawa restaurant at liang court, but well what do you expect from a japanese restaurant that have flocks of japanese going there for their meal? You feel like you are in japan of course.

well if you need desert go down to Fruit Paradise on the 5th floor. the Tarts are awesome but price starts from $7.60++



~ by togusa on October 20, 2009.

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