Some new panoramas

finally edited some panorama. do check my dA for higher res versions


View from Henderson waves.

it sure look high but we were only like 60metre from the road -.-


Marina bay

I can say Marina sands will be the next location that cosplayers will go and shoot once it opens.


Punggol End. nearly 360.

i think punggol end is coming to an end. The amount of construction sites there is kinda scary. Sooner or later singapore will have no more natural land space. [other than the water catchment areas and the nature reserves that is].

And recently some foreign photographer commented how lucky are Singaporean cosplay photographer and cosplayers. This is what i got to say. We dun have locations. if he realised. Many shoots use the SAME old place over and over again. And unlike him * he get paid to shoot cosplayers* we in singapore are treated like dogs, photographers here some times dun have rights to the photos depending on who we shoot. And society here is so competitive that we can’t even charge for covering events as idiots will just say they will do it for free to build portfolio.

oh wells enjoy the panoramas they are free. and i dun charge for them. XD


~ by togusa on November 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Some new panoramas”

  1. You know I jolly well agree with your last paragraphs *winks* Shhh let’s keep it a secret.

    • dun worry… no one reads my photoblog -.-… i see the stats ah.. damn sad.

      • Hahahhah unless we are the super famous, super rich or have tonnes of connections reading our own personal blogs, no one really exactly give a hell for photo blogs anymore.

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