it has been awhile.

Sorry to all the folks that have been following my photoblog, I been alittle too busy the last 3 weeks with school work and shooting production stills for my seniors, I will upload some here soon..

For now i only have panoramas for you all and some updates.

New Panoramas:

AFA 2009. I will blog about it soon and it is like going to be a month since it ended.

The view from The Fairmont. Had a photoshoot there on the monday after AFA.

mhh maybe a teaser check my dA or envy’s one for more pics soon i hope.

Actually right after that Vocaloid magnet shoot, i had 2 weeks of filming to cover. Left Hook was mostly shot at night so at times and with awesome location, i had the chance to take a break and shoot the skyline. The production Stills of Left Hook can be found on my Facebook.

And after all the craziness of filming and finishing  up most of the due project, I was invited down for a shoot on saturday on like the friday before it, then at 11am on the shoot day itself asked to cosplay. Pics of it will be up soon once the photographers are done with it * and ya i ended up NOT shooting at all and getting a face full of eyeliner*

Whatever it is, do check my dA as i update there more other than my twitter or FB.

Also. this would be my 3th week since i upgraded.

I brought a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 right before my magnet shoot with envy and mintos. and my new D300s on the saturday after it. Thanks to all the Production stills and shoots i had in the recent weeks 4000 shutters, fill up at least 30gb of pics and video footage. [25gb of them were for Left hook]

I took 3 years  to just clock 42k on my D40. so Looks like my D300s is going to beat it in no time.


~ by togusa on December 15, 2009.

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