OMG it is 2010.

And i forgotten to blog.

Sorry my followers, 2009 came and gone. I know there are some 2009 events there i have not blog so lets summaries 2009:

Jan 2009: SOYA 2009, the second time I run that event, it was tired but awesome to see many people like it.

Feb 2009: CNY and had some shoots

March 2009: I wasted my holidays but had some shoots.

April 2009:  had some shoots during that month, but my macbook pro got stolen, my art block started. Total i lost all the shots i had during the holiday.

May 2009: Went for my first Proper Fashion show, I will try to go for SFF/AFF  this year too!.

June 2009: started to cut down on cosplay shoots and my  New macbook pro came in.

July 2009: TGX then Cosfest as usual, also feeling down during that period, school work takes it toll on me and the blog

August 2009: Break again, Toycon! and my new wacom!Rented a 85 f/1.4 for baybeats. Gotten the worst mosh in my life.Natsu Matsuri was as fun as ever and started to really shoot food.

Sep 2009: had some cosplay shoot with Lenne * as usual* and it is production season again. Covered Stills for the test shoots of LeftHook and Summer and its Rain. Went for the talks at GCA realised that i need a portfolio asap.

Oct 2009: 2nd sem of 2nd year. Got invited to join the Animax Youth Council and watched alot of emo movies, realised that 500 days of summer copied my 100 days of hell. *hahahaa*

Nov 2009: Crazy month of Deadlines, 2 production to cover and AFA.

Dec 2009: rushing deadlines,  ComicFiesta in KL and my beijing trip.

yap and that is all for 2009, beijing photos will be up soon, i hope XD.


~ by togusa on January 5, 2010.

One Response to “OMG it is 2010.”

  1. All The Best for 2010 and hope it will be more eventful then the 2009 that has passed.

    Learn from past lessons, throw away all bad memories and move forward forging many more fond memories in the year to come.

    Seeya soon!

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