oh god y am i up at 6am?

Hahah ya i am up at 6am blogging.

I just spend the last 4 hours mugging through 7 youtube keynote slides as i have a Animation History test in like 3 hours time. And YES i managed to squeeze 25mins worth of slides into 8 pages of my notebook.!.

After going through it, i can say USA cartoons are just poking fun at everything since the beginning of time lol.  I will do a proper post on other stuff soon. and a special one on toy story 3 ONCE i have watch it.

Anyways updates, as this photo blog is like dying.

I was there at *scape’s openning, well not for the cosplay event there but for the openning gig,

Featuring Postbox, Fire Fight and MAE


The rest will come soon. i hope.

Well the other reason why you are not seeing any new work from me is due to that i dun see my new recent photos are good enough to be posted. well i hope this dry spell will pass soon but i guess not as my final year film production is coming and I am the producer.

okay 30mins nap time. lol.


~ by togusa on July 1, 2010.

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