Once again ootoya

Yesh we love that place, had way too much maguro don already so i tried something else. Clay-pot Katsu don [$16] and man the pork is LIKE THICK! and even i eat quite alot of ootoya, today was the 1st time I called for extra rice [which is FREE flow btw]. We had @Valentine who was a rice barrel eating at least 4 bowls of rice as he have not ate at ootoya for 6 months.

Well not to bore you but ya do you know that ootoya have awesome deserts too?

I can’t remember what it is called but it is like cheese-cake-ish-ice-cream-with-frozen-raspberry-and-banana desert[$6]. and if you dun like the desserts there. there is always ben and jerry just next to it.

Ootoya is located at Orchard Central 8th floor. Price range is $13 to $22 w/o GST.


~ by togusa on July 3, 2010.

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