50 words

5 words storys…

less than 1 day to write!

1. A unfair world

The sky is aging. “ The world sucks ain’t it? People starving to death on the streets. Trading for breadcrumb. Killing for rice. Ain’t you lucky, housed in this tower, looking down at those ants?” He looked around, talking to himself. “A Rich Ass like you doesn’t know the pain.”

2. Haruhiism

The altar is in place. Haruhi on her desk. Kyon, silently standing over her. Yuki quietly reading her book. Mikuru serving tea in her maid dress. Itsuki playing his cards again. “that is SOS-Dan for you” he announced as he lower the glass cover sealing them in. “ Not Cheap”

3. The world ends with you.

“Damn the fucking rain” Helena muttering under her voice. Counting each car as they past the crawling bus. Late for school, class and everything. “Life just fucked up. Everyone should just die.” She went on moaning. Out from the corner, Black BMW flew gracefully in. Those were her last words.

4. Where’d you go?

“It been a year” he informed her. “I really missed you, I am sorry that you were alone when I was gone. I wish I was with there with you. You were everything to me. Now, I am back, but you are gone. I wished I died with you.”

5. No time, no idea

Summer Days blasting from the speakers, shaking the whole god damn place. 12.50am flashing on the screen. He looked at his sketchpad, “Write something! Late liao!” the voice leaked out of his mouth. It is just a 50 word story. In the end, finished it in less than 10 words!

okay LOL on the last story. I really finished it in 10 words! Summer days by Do as infinity being played and i have not done my 2D art works….

comment on the stories please!


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