people watch

watching people. o.o!
subject #1:

8.30am, thrusday. I spotted this girl. sitting at the back of the bus. wearing a red hoodie. Alone she was. Wires appearing out of the small hoodie’s openning. Listening to her mp3 player or handphone as it look like. As the bus move on. a old uncle sat next to her, she moved her bag and still having that freaky scary pissed face since i boarded the bus. bad morning?

As the bus approaches the stop that i need to drop to catch my transfer bus, she got up too. oh another NP student? well maybe not as i know RP, NYP, NUS, SIM, SP students use this stop to catch alot of buses to school. With a shift of her bag, the uncle next to her automatically moved out of her way. Digging her huge pink bag, she took out a very wore down black with green crosses purse. Tapping her ez-link card with her ipod nano in hand.

Taking an empty seat at the bus stop. she continue listening to her music. and now i can see some of her hair, golden locks. and she look like a Eurasian. This is when she realised i was watching her. *shit?*, but she just ignore it. i moved further back and away from her as i realised i had to little details for the page! * i ain’t going to lose the target*

151 arrive, i got up before her, once again, she tap her card, with her ipod. and then dumping both into her giant bag. Walt-ing up the asle to again the back of the bus. And alot of heads turned as she pass each row. *guyz ah, see an ang moh looking girl, they somehow can automatically wake up and check her out* It seems that she is used to it. And i think that is the reason for her to sit at the back of the bus. No one dared to look back at her once she is looking in front. *well except me*

Being on 151, i only can narrow down that she is going to one of these 3 schools, NP, SP or NUS.
As i was sitting on the last row on the right, *she on the left side* i could see what she was doing *damn i feel like i am a stalker*. Hands inside the bag. it look like she was messaging someone. it was 8.50am and the bus was like 20mins from NP, so it could be she is messaging that she will be late? *i know i was* No new movements from her except of the usual glares at me for like 5mins plus.

Realising that there maybe no new development coming from her. I ended my watch. I drop of outside NP, and well rushed to class, but to see her again walking in from the SIM entrance going to FMS block. -.- okay NP student.

Subject #1: eurasian with gold locks, female, about 18? studies in NP, stays in the same neighourhood *as the bus that i was first spotted her was a feeder*, Looks damn familiar.
Name: Garven Margaret Alsion
Address: Blk 121 Potong Pasir Ave1 #10-277

Subject #2

Shoot me, i seem to notice ppl only when i am on the bus. this time. it was bus 7 from clementi going toward bedok. it was like 4pm, on sunday. the person of interest came up onto the upper deck as it left the stop. Geeky looking, wearing straight cut jeans, over size black t-shirt and a brown hoodie-jacket. Thick black plastics rim specs, hair a bit in the mess, but remind me of those random messy hair styles i see in japanese dramas. Carrying a sling bag, with a water bottle hanging from it.
A white cable grew out of the bag to his white and silver audio-technical headphones. in his hands was a DS.

To me,DS is more to a girl’s portable console. BUT a guy with a DS, he is a japanese supporter! I am sorry but my bro’s DS pwn all the PSP games. *random, so ignore this*

he took the seat right behind the stairs. to avoid the tv mobile screens? to me i will do that, hate those shows on tv mobile, *that will be another post*

Well taking his seat, i heard the opening of the DS. *quite well used i see, coz my bro’s dun have that sound* and it seem that he got stuck into the game as 2 aunties sat next to him during the whole trip and he did not realise it. The world seem to pass by him during the whole trip towards orchard.

as the bus approaches Lucky plaza, he like just woke up from the game. * I walked pass him as he jolt up from the seat, scaring the auntie* From the tiny dual screen, i could see he was playing “The World Ends With You“. I think it was the english version but both the english and japanese version are still not shipped into singapore, so i guess he downloaded it. *yay for R4 and M3*

i did not see how he pass the auntie but on the stairs going down, his phone rang. what was the ringtone? it was “Hare Hare Yukai“!!
abit to hardcore bah? * 3 reasons if you have it as your ringtone, ONE. you practice haruism. TWO. you are a trend follower as Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu was the greatest anime in 06. or THREE, you are just hardcore otaku.*

Well, he picked it up after humming the tune, and answered it to this few words, ” Outside kino, i will be there in a while, manga section okay?” Now is he an otaku? i did not find out as art friend was the location that i need to go, Kinokuniya was secondary objective. Damn i am an otaku too. *was blasting Sayanara Zetsubo sensei OST through my earphones and i got the latest volume of trinity blood [english ver].*

Subject #2: Male, chinese, around 16 years old. short messy hair, dressed simple, abit of the otaku style. Geeky looking. DS, Converse, Sling bag. Haruhiism? otaku?

Name: Foong Chee Wee
Address: BLK 432 Clementi Ave 4 #05-113
to write this -> “What would character A [subject #1] do to provoke character B [subject #2] to an extreme action”

the story?
Walking across the bridge, throwing a glance over the bus stop. Again. That Eurasian girl is there.

blah blah blah

now for some anime OPs and etc.

Sayanara Zetsubo sensei OP : Hito Toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru

Hare hare yukai

well enjoy.


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  1. Very detailed people watch and pretty good inference of character from behaviour and mannerisms. Good work.

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